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MCC’s certified experts answer partners’ calls and emails, our single goal is solving your IT issues quickly. A fixed monthly subscription fee provides customers unlimited calls for remote support, as well as 24/7 network monitoring. Our Support Center will work quickly to resolve any IT challenges or troubles, from PC issues to system-wide outages. Our process allows the Support Center to detect and perform maintenance and service remotely. MCC provides a seamless and white label branded support experience to the customer and the partner.

MCCs RAMP product provides partners with yet another residual income opportunity without investing in developing and supporting a new service. Overnight, partners can offer 24/7 remote network monitoring and support from highly trained and certified personnel that would break the budget to build in-house. Additionally, MCC is cross-trained in supporting all of the services offered through CloudMSP, including Zynstra and Star2Star. Partners that add MCC the their portfolio are expanding their support operations and building a whole new revenue generating department without the investment, ramp-up time or headaches; and are also one step closer to providing the total solution that customers demand. MCC also provides partners with a means to provide consulting and auditing with vertical market expertise and regulatory compliance (e.g., HIPPA).